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Wheel-chair bound girl is running again
Friday, April 19, 2019

A genetic condition destroyed her hips and made it impossible for this 23-year-old to move around. She was restricted to a wheelchair and in constant pain Promi Khisa, 23, was in severe pain for the last seven years because of an auto-immune disease and she was wheel-chair bound for around a year and a half. Now, after two surgeries to replace both her hip joints, she can not only stand but even run.

Khisa, who is from Bangladesh, had a condition called Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE), which caused pain, swelling and deformities in her hip joints, which gradually worsened over time.

"In spite of having pain-killers, she was in pain. She could not even sleep properly. She could not move around and attend to her daily needs," said Dr Yash Gulati, who performed her hip-replacement surgery at Indraprastha Apollo. According to him, Khisa is the youngest person to undergo replacement of both hip-joints in India.
Three months after the surgery, she is now able to do all the household chores and even go for jogging. We also used a high-end implant, so that it lasts longer. She is young and can lead a better life, she was living in too much pain. In maybe 15 or 20 years she might need to get another surgery, but it's worth it," said Dr Gulati.

Dr Gulati was also the surgeon who performed the single hip replacement in the youngest person in India - a 13-year-old Nigerian who was suffering from sickle-cell anaemia.

"Khisa will be leading a completely normal life without any medicines or pain. The only medicines she would need to take are the disease modifying drugs that are needed for her condition SLE," said Dr Gulati.