Vascular Surgery - Symptoms

When Do I Need A Vascular Surgeon?

If you have any of the following, you should seek advice from a vascular surgeon

Ache or pain in the legs, feet, thighs or buttocks that is brought on by walking or exercise
Constant pain in the legs
Blue or black discoloration of the toes or fingers
Diabetes with ulcer or any problem in the foot.
Cramps, pain, fatigue and restlessness in the legs at night
Have bunch of blue lines going up on your legs
Swelling in the legs
Itchiness or eczema in the legs, especially with brown-grey colour on ankles
Have mini strokes or have recovered from a stroke
Been detected to have any problem of the aorta or any other blood vessel
Any swelling in the body with pulsation (pulsatile swelling)