Lung Transplant – FAQs

Lung Transplant – FAQs

How do I Know that I am eligible for lung transplant?

Besides Clinical evaluation you will undergo a battery of tests for comprehensive evaluation of your conditions before you are accepted for LISTING for Lung Transplant.

Till What age can I have a lung transplant?

The Usual cut off age is 65 years but more and more experience has been emerging from highly experienced team around the world where patients above 70 years’ age are also being successfully operated provided they have good general conditions and no other organ Co – morbidity.

How many days of hospitalization is required?

Rate of recovery varies among individuals. Two or Three weeks is the usual transplant if the period is complication free.

How long will be the waiting period of I get listed?

Waiting period depends on the availability of blood group and size matched donor. It could many from a couple of months to a year, sometimes even longer. Shortage of donor is a universal problem.

Do I have to line in Delhi after listing?

You should be in a position to reach one hospitals with in a couple of Hours You should stay in Delhi – NCR.
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