Transfusion Medicine – FAQ

Transfusion Medicine – FAQ

Who can donate blood ?
  • A blood donor must be in good health.
  • Age between 18 to 60 years.
  • Weight about 50 kg or more
  • Hemoglobin level at least 12.5 g/dl
  • It is safe to donate blood every three months.
  • Persons with high risk behavior for having AIDS and who had jaundice (Hepatitis B or C) should exclude themselves from blood donation.
Prerequistes for hla typing sample?

Prior appointment in advance is required. Recent photograph of the donor and patient affixed on the form should be duly attested by the treating Physician. The form should be filled appropriately and Thumb Impression/Signature of the donor and the patient should be taken. The sample would be collected in the presence of Consultant, Transplant Immunology and Molecular Biology in Apollo Hospital.

SAMPLE: Patient and Donor Blood sample in 2 EDTA vial.

Turn around Time (TAT): 3 day

Prerequistes for HLA B 27, HLA B5, B51, HLA B15 HLA B17 Sample?
  • SAMPLE: Patient Blood sample in 2 EDTA vial.
  • Turn around Time (TAT): 5 days
Prerequistes for blood/bone marrowsample for karyotyping?

The blood/bone marrow sample needs to be sent in a heparin vial (3-4 ml sample) along with the patients clinical history and diagnosis

Turn around Time (TAT): 10 days

Prerequistes for amniotic fluid/placenta/poc for karyotyping?
  • AMNIOTIC FLUID: 15 ml in Falcon Tube
  • PLACENTA/POC: 5 ml in RPMI media in Sterile Container
  • CVS: 25-50 mg CVS tissue in RPMI media in sterile container
  • TAT: 3-4 weeks.
Prerequistes for couple karyotyping for recurrent abortions?
  • 2 heparin vials of the Couple: 4 ml each
  • Turn around Time (TAT): 10 days
Prerequistes for chromosome breakage studies?
  • 2 Heparin Vials: 3-4 ml
  • Turn around Time (TAT): 2 weeks
Prerequistes for fish?

Leukemia/Genetic disorder: Blood/ Bone Marrow sample in heparin vial (3-4 ml)

For Prenatal Cases :
  • Amniotic Fluid approx 10 ml
  • Chorionic Villous Sample/Products Of Conception/ Placenta sample: 25-50 mg in RPMI
  • Turn around Time (TAT): 4-5 days
Prerequistes for fish-her2 NEu?
  • Biopsy Paraffin Block / Polylysine coated tissue slides with 1 H& E slide
  • Turn around Time (TAT): 7 days after receiving the slides
Prerequistes for infectious marker testing?
For HIV sample consent form duly signed by the primary physician and patient is required.
  • 2 EDTA vials
  • Turn around Time (TAT): 1 week
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