Transfusion Medicine - Facilities

  • The Blood component preparation Laboratory is a state of the art laboratory that is well equipped with latest instruments. The sterile connecting device has made it possible for us to provide blood components in parts for fulfilling pediatric transfusion requirements.
  • The Immunohaematology laboratory is a reference centre providing advanced Immunohaematology work-ups, not only for in-house patients but also to patients from other hospitals. Our laboratory is equipped with the fully automated platform Galileo from Immucor for Immunohaematology work up of donors & patients. Besides the fully automated system, the laboratory also utilizes the gel technology by DIAMED.
  • The Infectious marker laboratory, besides the five mandatory tests also performs testing of hepatitis B core antibody on all the donated blood units and the units that are found positive are discarded.
  • The ELISA based tests are performed on a fully automated walk away system EVOLIS. Latest third/fourth generation kits are used for testing. The laboratory also undertakes Western Blot testing for both donors and patients who are found positive for HIV by ELISA
  • Individual Donor (ID)-NAT testing based on Transcription Mediated Amplification by ProcleixUltrio Assay in the NAT LABORATORY.
  • THE APHERESIS LABORATORY is equipped with fully automated cell separators, which are flexible to produce various components.