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Apollo Centre of Genomic Medicine

The Apollo Centre of Genomic Medicine | Genomic Medicine in Delhi

The Apollo Centre of Genomic Medicine is a comprehensive integrated ‘state of the art’ specialist clinical genomic and genomic medicine services, led by world-renowned geneticist, supported by a highly skilled team of clinical geneticists, genetic counsellors, and genomic laboratory scientist. Genomic applications in clinical medicine and healthcare are rapidly changing the future of medicine.

The genome analysis of an individual gives the complete set of information about his/her DNA and RNA profiles which could be used in precision diagnosis, assessing inheritance risks, making reproductive choices, personalized treatment, long-term outcome, targeted health surveillance and adopting life style modifications.

Genomic medicine not only provides the family in precision diagnosis and treatment but also helps in the prediction, prevention and early detection for various genetic conditions. The centre aims to provide holistic care to the patients and family members through precision, personalized care, high level of prediction, facilitating prevention by pre-emptive approach and active participation.

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