Robotic Surgery – FAQs

What does Robotic Surgery mean?

Robotic surgery entails use of ultra-precise tools controlled and operated by the surgeon from a console (computer and miniaturized, wristed instruments). It is basically a robot assisted surgery since Robot functions are controlled by the surgeon on console.

Although it typically uses a laparoscopic or ‘keyhole surgery’ approach, whereby tools and a tiny video camera are inserted into the patient’s body via one or two small incisions, robot-assisted surgery improves upon conventional laparoscopic surgery by being less invasive and more efficient.

How is Robotic surgery beneficial over conventional methods of surgery?

The Robotic surgery scores over conventional methods of surgery as it is being performed with the assistance of technologically advanced Robotic system which offers following advantages:

  • 3D high definition vision
  • Up to ten times magnification of the surgical field
  • An immersive view of the surgical field through tiny incisions of 1cm to 2 cm
  • EndoWrist Instruments with seven degrees of freedom for range of motion far greater than the human hand with reduction of hand tremor
  • Enhanced dexterity
  • Greater accuracy
  • Complex surgical manoeuvres made easier through smaller ports
  • Better ergonomics than traditional open and laparoscopic surgery

The patients receive benefits which include:

  • Lesser trauma
  • Faster recovery
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Lesser medication
  • Better outcome
  • Painless
  • Safe, accurate, precise
What happens during Robotic surgery?

During the surgery, the Surgeon sits on a console (computer and miniaturized, wristed instruments) placed near the patient and controls the movement of Robotic instruments connected to the robot. The surgery is performed with the help of robotic instruments which are under control of the Surgeons.

Who performs the surgery during Robotic surgery?

The robotic surgery is performed by the surgeon who controls the movements of robotic instruments with the help of a console. This is a Robot assisted surgery where the controls are with the surgeon.

Will the Robotic System make the surgeon unnecessary

Robotic surgery enables surgeons to be more precise, advancing their technique and enhancing their capability in performing complex minimally invasive surgery. The Robot will only replicate the movement performed by the surgeon. Robot cannot perform any movement or any decision on its own.

Where else is Robotic Surgical System being used currently?

The Robotic System is being used in major hospitals across many countries which include, United States, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and many more. In the Apollo group of hospitals, Robotic system is being currently used in Apollo Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai.

What is the cost of robotic surgery as compared to other traditional surgery?

Though the robotic surgery usually costs more than conventional / laparoscopic surgery, the benefits of shorter length of stay, less pain, and less chances of infection offsets the higher cost. The major contributor to this high cost is the technologically advanced instruments used during the procedure.

What procedures can be performed using Robotic Surgical System?

The robotic surgical platform has been designed to enable complex procedures of all types to be performed through very small incisions which include ENT(Snoring & Sleep Apnea ,Robotic Thyroidectomy ), General Surgical, Urologic, Gynaecologic, Thoracoscopic, and Bariatric procedures.

Why to choose Apollo Institute of Robotic surgery for Robotic procedure?

Apollo hospitals have revolutionised the healthcare in India since its inception. The Apollo Institute of Robotic surgery provides the highest levels of surgical expertise through a Galaxy of experienced faculty in field of Urology, Gynaecology, General and Bariatric surgery, ENT, Oncology, and Cardiothoracic surgery and is seamlessly supported by state of the art infrastructure and latest equipments.

What procedures can be done through Robotic surgery in ENT & Head and Neck field ?
  • THYROID Surgery
  • Lesions in inaccessible area like lingual thyroid
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