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Radixact X9 Tomotherapy

Radixact X9 Tomotherapy


the next generation Tomotherapy with
Adaptive Radiation Therapy
the future of Precision Oncology

At Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, we are taking precision and excellence to the next level with the revolutionary Radixact-X9 : the new generation Tomotherapy with adaptive radiation therapy, powered by state-of-the-art 3D CT imaging. It uses a linear
accelerator to deliver high-dose radiation to the tumour with sub-millimetre precision.
Radiation Oncology is a continually evolving ecosystem. Revolutionary emerging treatments are raising the benchmarks of quality of cure to a level that is truly game-changing. Indraprastha Apollo is at the cutting edge of Radiation Oncology; we are leveraging the experience and expertise of our team and equipment to take cancer care to an entirely new level.

The Radixact-X9 Advantage

  • Radixact-X9 is the next generation Tomotherapy system designed on a CT scanner foundation
  • It’s advanced technology helps treat multiple targets simultaneously
  • It uses imaging to guide treatment each day, so doctors can adjust treatment, based on even the smallest change in anatomy
  • Attacks tumour with highly precise radiation delivered from 360 degrees
  • It can be adapted at any point to deliver the best treatment, to ensure right dosage, in the right place, at the right time
  • This modality is well-researched with several papers published worldwide
  • It is one of the most integrated systems for comprehensive cancer treatment
  • Customises treatment delivery
  • Minimises damage to surrounding healthy tissue, thus decreasing the risk of complications
  • Adaptive radiotherapy to monitor and modify treatment plans based on body changes and / or tumour shrinkage
  • Can re-treat recurrent tumours or cancers
  • Tomo DirectTM option utilizes stationary radiation beams to precisely target a wider variety of cancers
  • Innovative Tomo HelicalTM and Tomo EdgeTM delivery modes

Image Guidance Treatment

Radixact-X9, the new generation Tomotherapy, easily integrates MVCT Imaging into the treatment process, to ensure proper patient-positioning and dose-targeting. Daily CTrueTM Imaging provides the confidence to reduce margins and spare normal structures, helping to further minimize toxicities.

Better and Faster Plans

Superior patient treatment begins with an excellent treatment plan. Radixact-X9 is designed to assist clinicians in customizing treatment plans to suit individual patient needs. Even the most sophisticated plans are now easier and faster to achieve.

Quality Assurance Made Easy

Radixact-X9 helps physicists check and trend the functioning of Tomotherapy. A set of QA procedures that might take hours manually, can be accomplished expeditiously with TQA automated approach.

1. Craniospinal Irradiation

Craniospinal irradiation is a common treatment for children and a difficult challenge due to the amount of tissue to be treated. The image shows the treatment of the brain and spinal cord while minimizing doses to eyes, mouth, heart, kidneys and liver

2. Lung Cancer

Treatment of the tumour with a quick reduction of dose to limit the dose to only the affected lung tissue and avoid mediastinum and spinal cord

3. Bilateral Breast Cancer

Treatment of bilateral chest wall, internal mammary and other regional lymph nodes with minimal doses to heart and lungs

4. Breast Cancer

Image shows treatment of breast tissue while avoiding heart and lung

5. Head and Neck Cancer

Image shows high dose to tumour while limiting dose to spinal cord and parotid (salivary) glands

6. Prostate Cancer

Image shows high dose contained within the tumour (red colour) and avoidance of rectum.
Tomotherapy provides the ability to treat both early and late stage prostate cancers

7. Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)

Treatment of small tumours and metastatic lesions with high doses of radiation with image guidance enables effective tumour control and minimal side effects

8. Cervical Cancer

Extended _eld radiation therapy to treat pelvis and para-aortic lymph nodes with minimal dose to small bowel, bone marrow and other pelvic organs

9. Total Marrow Irradiation

Image shows TMI wherein most of the viscera and critical organs are significantly spared


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