The Quality Strategy

The quality assurance program at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals is a coordinated strategy, which ensures that the complex dynamics of health care delivery and the different perspectives of the key stakeholders in the system are adequately represented. Quality assurance activities in the hospital are diverse and largely decentralized, but a central coordinating structure is present which has the ability to positively influence institutional reaction and directs the various departmental programs toward achieving common goals and maintaining the standards of quality.
The Quality Initiative employs a multi-pronged approach to support, provide incentives and drive systems and facilities – including the clinicians and professionals working in those settings - toward superior care through:

  • Ongoing regulation and enforcement conducted by State survey agencies, Accreditation agencies and IAH.
  • The testing of rewards for superior performance on certain measures of quality
  • Continual, community-based quality improvement resources
  • Collaboration and partnership to leverage knowledge and resources