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320 Slice Advanced Technology

320 Slice Advanced Technology

What makes the 320 Slice CT Scanner so unique to Healthcare?

The 320 Slice CT Scan system is an advanced imaging system that scans your body from head to toe, in less than one minute. It helps to accurately identify any abnormality. The system uses X Rays to obtain cross-sectional images or “slices “of the targeted area. The computer system reconstructs multiple two dimensional and three dimensional images which provide an accurate picture of the targeted area The 320 Slice CT Scan system also has special applications that are invaluable in disorders of the Heart and the Brain.

320 Slice CT Scan system – Advanced Radiology Services

  • Coronary CT angiograms for:
    • Diagnosis of the type and extent of coronary artery disease
    • Evaluating cause of chest pain in patients after stenting and CABG
    • Ruling out Coronary disease in chest pain that is not typical of Angina
    • Diagnosing diseases of the Myocardium (heart muscle) and Pericardium (membrane covering the heart)
    • Evaluating the heart valve area prior to or after valve surgery
    • Diagnosing heart tumors
    • Paediatric heart conditions
  • CT Angiograms for the evaluation of the arteries in the rest of the body, like kidneys, lungs, brain, neck, aorta and limbs.
  • Helps in the detailed planning of Transplant surgeries like liver and kidney transplants, by scanning the recipient and donor and mapping the arteries and veins as well the ducts running to and fro into these organs.
  • Detailed planning CT scans prior to tumor surgeries to assess extent of the tumor and feasibility of safe removal can also be done. Telephonic discussions with referring surgeons,onsite discussions with our clinical radiology team as well as elaborate 3D reconstructed films can be facilitated. This helps in better outcomes for difficult surgeries.
  • 3D CT scans are done for Acute and Emergency abdominal conditions like bowel obstructions, bowel bleeding, abdominal acute infections and inflammations and abdominal pain. These cases are performed on a priority basis as soon as they are wheeled into the department and detailed films and reports with telephonic report intimation to referring doctors are available within half an hour.
  • 320 slice CT Enterography is a unique and special tool to image the small intestine which is otherwise difficult to visualize.

An invaluable tool for surgeons anywhere in the world

In all cases, an exhaustive report is provided with DVDs containing the entire data of the scan, which can be loaded on workstations anywhere, for re-analysis by other experts. Telephonic discussions of reports with referring surgeons is also possible with our Radiology team experts. Further, worked up images can be reached by email or mobile devices to the OT in case of problematic anatomies, and this facility is available round the clock.

The 320 Slice Heart CT scan

How does the 320 Slice Heart CT Scan system help in preventive Cardiac care? The 320 Slice CT scan system offers a non invasive method to detect early Coronary artery disease, which may eventually cause narrowed or blocked vessels in the heart. With the help of accurate images of the walls of the blood vessels, your doctor can advise you on how to prevent further narrowing of vessels.

How is it different from the conventional Cardiac checks?

Invasive conventional angiography involves inserting a catheter through the groin or arm into an artery in the heart. As against this, the 320 Slice Heart CT Scan is a non invasive outpatient procedure which does not require any hospitalization or sedation.

How useful will the 320 Slice Heart CT Scan be, if you have already undergone a Cardiac procedure?

If you have undergone Cardiac surgeries, you can get post operative checks done without any invasive procedure and with least discomfort. The 320 Slice Heart CT Scan can give you more accurate information about the coronary stents and bypass grafts.

How can you benefit from the 320 Slice Heart CT Scan?

  • It is non-invasive and does not require any hospitalization.
  • The 320 Slice CT Scan is more accurate than the 64 Slice CT scan due to its superior image quality.
  • It is simple, painless, super fast and scans the heart in half a second.
  • The shorter scan time provides comfortable breath holding, making this procedure ideal for people of all ages.
  • The 320 Slice Heart CT scan can identify deposits on the walls of the heart blood vessels and indicate your vulnerability to Cardiac diseases.
  • For patients with confirmed Cardiac ailments, the 320 Slice Heart CT Scan can help periodically monitor the status of blood vessels without resorting to invasive procedures.
  • In cases of non Cardiac chest pain, the 320 Slice Heart CT Scan can detect any other abnormality/body conditions causing the pain and facilitate the appropriate treatment.

Who needs to undergo a 320 Slice Heart CT Scan?

You may be advised by your doctors to undergo a 320 Slice Heart CT scan in case of chest pain or breathlessness. You may also need to undergo the test if you have the following risk factors for heart disease:
  • Family history of heart disease
  • High cholesterol level
  • Overweight
  • Smoking habbit
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • High stress levels

What does the procedure involve?

It involves injecting a dye into a vein in the arm followed by a CT scan. After a series of computations, the images of the heart, brain or the body part being scanned are obtained by the doctors and interpreted. A comprehensive report is then generated.

What preparations will you need for the 320 Slice Heart CT Scan?

  • Fasting of two hours prior to the procedure is required.
  • You can drink plenty of fluids before the scan, if no fluid restriction is advised.
  • Blood tests to confirm the kidney function is normal will be necessary before injecting the dye.
  • A prior appointment is always welcome.
  • On the day of the examination, blood pressure medication may be avoided and remaining medications may be taken. It is best to reconfirm this with your doctor.
  • A thorough and detailed history of your health will be collected from you. Hence you are advised to bring all the old reports on the day of the scan.
  • A medication to temporarily lower and steady the heart rate may be given before the scan to improve the accuracy of the test.

Are there any risk factors involved in doing a 320 Slice CT Scan test?

The 320 CT Scan system gives out the least radiation as compared to the conventional Angiogram or other lower end imaging devices. In some cases adverse reactions to the contrast agent may occur. However it is very rare.
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