Routine surgeries of EAR, Nose & Throat, Head & Neck. Apart from the routine surgeries, we have special expertise in the following:
  • Reconstructive middle ear surgery.
  • Surgery of the facial nerve.
  • Congenital ear anomalies.
  • Micro laryngeal surgery.
  • Surgery for snoring and sleep apnoea.
  • Thyroplasty.
  • Septoplasty and septorhinoplasty.
  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery.
  • Head and neck cancer surgeries.
  • Revision ear surgeries.
  • Laser surgeries for several head and neck lesions.
  • Phonosurgery
  • Endoscopic skull base Surgery- CSF Rhinorrhoea repair, Hypophysectomy.
  • Endoscopic DCR, Orbital & Optic nerve decompression.

We are proud to have a state of art Audiology & speech Therapy centre located in the sound treated environment .Following diagnostic and therapeutic procedure are undertaken:

  • Hearing Assessment suiting to all age is performed with great accuracy.
  • Pure tone Audiometry.
  • Speech Audiometry.
  • Free field Audiometry.
  • Conditioned Response Audiometry.
  • Behavior Response Audiometry.
  • Acoustic Immitance Studies including Tympanogram, Stapedial reflex, Reflex decay, Eustachain tube function test (ETF! & ETF2).
  • Special Tests of Hearing: SISI, Tine Decay Threshold, STAT, DLI, DLF, ABLB, MLB, MLD, MCL, UCL Loudness Scaling,
  • Electrophysiological evaluation Of hearing through Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometry, for threshold of Hearing Estimation & Otoneurological diagnosis.
  • Hearing aid Trial and Fitting.
  • Tests for pseudohypacusis.

Assessment Evaluation and Treatment of Voice Speech and Language Disorders:

  • Voice disorders: Puberphonia, Androphonia, Hoarseness/Harshness/ Breathiness of voice, Hypo nasality/Hyper nasality of voice, spastic Dysphonia, Aphonia, Prophylaxis for professional voice users, Laryngectomee rehabilitation.
  • Fluency disorders: Stuttering/Stammering, cluttering.
  • Articulation disorders.
  • Cleft palate speech rehabilitation.
  • Neurogenic speech and language disorders like aphasias, apraxia and dysarthrias.
  • Therapy for swallowing disorders (dysphagias).
  • Delay in speech and language development due to hearing loss, mental retardation, autism.
  • Development and childhood aphasias.
  • Maintenance speech therapy in degenerative disorders.
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