Hematology & Clinical Pathology

Hematology & Clinical Pathology

The laboratory is equipped with completely automated instruments which include new generation cell counters, coagulometers, flowcytometer, Real Time PCR.

Cell counters are capable of processing routine haematological investigations such as haemoglobin, total and differential leucocyte counts, platelets count, red cell indices etc. accurately and with a low turn around time.

The Department carries out complete work up Acute and Chronic Leukemias including Flowcytometry for Immunophenotyping and Molecular Tests such as Multiplex PCR and Real Time PCR to detect the genetic abnormalities. Chimerism studies are carried out to study the efficiency of allogenic bone marrow transplants. This enables complete labeling of leukemias and thus helps in deciding the treatment and predicting the prognosis.

The Department also carries out complete work up of Anaemia including Thalassaemias. Besides the routine investigations, laboratory is assessing the Bone Marrow Iron Stores, Hb Electrophoresis and Hb A2 estimation by Column Chromatography, G-6 PD levels, Osmotic Fragility, HAM's test for PNH, Coomb's test and other rare test for proper labeling of type of anaemias.

Highly sensitive kits are used for PT(ISI-1) and PTTk on a fully Automated Coagulation System and test for Coagulation disorders including Factors VIII and IX assays to diagnose haemophilias. Presence of Lupus Anticoagulant in patients of Systemic Lupus Anticoagulant in patient of Systemic Lupus Erythematosous can also be detected using Kaolin Clotting Time Russel Viper Venom. Laboratory offer complete work up of DIC cases- including FDP, Thrombin Time, Fibrinogen assays and investigations for diagnosis of inherited Protein C, Protein C & Antithrombin III deficiency which enables us to identify patients susceptible to thrombotic disorders such as cerebrovascular strokes, myocardial infarction etc.

Haematology laboratory is equipped with third generation Platelet Aggregometer which enables diagnosis of rare platelet aggregation defects.

Bone marrow aspirates and biopsy procedures are carried out by the Haematology Department to ensure adequate collection of samples.

A high degree of internal and external quality control is maintained. Samples of bone marrow biopsies, including second opinions and for molecular tests in establishing diagnosis of Leukemia and other blood disorders are regularly entertained from centers outside the Hospital.