Patient Testimonials

International Specialities

Mrs. Chika Ngozi Eze Nigeria

“Mrs. Chika Ngozi Eze, Breast Cancer Survivor at Apollo Hospitals Delhi”

Mr. Lucas – Kenya

“Dr. Kalpana Nagpal, ENT Surgeon with patient on Robotic Surgery at Apollo Hospital Delhi.”

Neimah Warsane – Somalia

”Watch to know why a patient from Somalia came all the way to Apollo Hospitals Delhi”.

Khalid Abdullah Yemen

“Dr Anupam Sibal & Khalid at Apollo Hospitals Delhi”

Mrs. Benjamin Kenya

“A Kenyan woman completely recovered from a critical condition at Apollo Hospitals Delhi.”

Jenissi Philippines

“A Liver transplant of a baby from the Philippines at Apollo Hospitals Delhi.”

Sunil Kumar Pakistan

“Ulcerative Colitis patient from Pakistan finally found a solution at Apollo Hospitals Delhi.”

Mrs. Benjamin Kenya

“On the verge of developing Cancer of Bile duct, a patient from Kenya gets treated at #ApolloHospitalsDelhi”

Mr. Antony Ag’ang’a Kenya & 13 months old baby Jenissi Kenya

“Survivor of liver transplant shares experience – #ApolloHospitalsDelhi”

Father of patient: – Baby Kal Philippines

“Baby diagnosed with Biliary Cirrhosis, underwent a Liver Transplant at Apollo Hospitals Delhi.”

Dr. Prabhat Jain USA

“Successful Reverse Shoulder Replacement by Dr. Havind Tandon, Apollo Hospitals Delhi.”

Mrs. Dikrah Yemen

“Successful Liver transplant at Apollo Hospital Delhi after 3 years of suffering from jaundice.”

Mr. Geoffrey M. Samukonga Zambia

“Successful hip replacement surgery at Apollo Hospital Delhi after 4 failed surgeries in Zambia.”

Julias Musherojenga Kenya

“Best Liver Transplant program in India at Apollo Hospital Delhi” – Jesse Jenga Mushero, Liver Donor

Ms. Odugbolamide Nigeria

My whole treatment in Apollo Hospitals Delhi was pain-free and exciting

Lucy Rutton Kenya

Know how Robotic Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Delhi helped Lucy cure her leaving no scars and pain

Richard Downey Liberia

Richard Downey: “With Apollo Hospitals Delhi, my Arthritis was taken care by Dr. Havind Tandon.”

Rasid Yaqub Pakistan

A patient with 96% liver damage from Pakistan, got treated at Apollo Hospitals Delhi.

Mohd.Yasin Amiri Afghanistan

Stricture urethra patient treated through laser incision at Apollo Hospitals Delhi.

Jamila Afghanistan

Mrs. Jamila, sharing her happy experience with Robotic Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Delhi.

Raymond Tanzania

Raymond: A ray of hope by doctors at Apollo Hospitals Delhi.

Christa Obi Nigeria

Christa Obi: Doctor’s confidence gave me confidence

Patric Nigeria

A New Beginning for Patric – Overcoming Prostate Cancer

Ibrahim Sebastian Mozambique

Ray of Hope/Cancer is Conquerable – Ibrahim Sebastian Conquering Prostate Cancer

Barno Uzbekistan

Liver Transplant – Barno Gives a New Life to Her Brother

Mr. Fendrink Tanzania

Won’t let cancer come between me and my life: Mr. Fendrink Overcoming Cancer

Mrs.Theresa Tanzania

A New Lease of Life: Mrs.Theresa Surviving Colon Cancer

Hasnath Juma Tanzania

Tender Tanzanian’s heart beats happily after Cardiac Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Delhi

National Specialities

Nursing care at Apollo Hospital Delhi India

“Nursing care at Apollo Hospital ”

Pramod Goel India

“Pramod Goel: “Apollo Hospitals Delhi treated me like a family member””

Alpana Singh India

Alpana Singh: ”I am associated with Apollo Hospitals Delhi, since 10 years”.

K.P Panda India

KP Panda: ”I request all the elderly to donate their organs to people in need”.

A.K Sharma India

“How Robotic Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Delhi helped in curing Prostate Cancer at the age of 72”

Anthony:- Son of cancer patient India

Anthony: ”Apollo Hospitals Delhi, helped my father recover from Prostate Cancer.”

Poonam Chand India

“Poonam Chand: “I am extremely fit & healthy after Double Bypass Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Delhi”.”

Saurav Johari India

“Young man of 29 yrs declared almost dead with cardiac arrest, got a second lease of Life”

Dr. G.N Sahu India

“Expert orthopedic surgeons at #ApolloHospitalsDelhi operated the rotator of the right shoulder.”

Mrs. Roshni Vyas (Nandish’s Mother) India

“An eight-month-old IVF baby underwent a life-saving Liver Transplant at Apollo Hospitals Delhi.”

Savita Devi India

Savita Devi: ”My child was well looked after by the experts at Apollo Hospitals Delhi”

Sunil Chakraborty India

Mr. Sunil Chakraborty: A step towards a New Life at Apollo Hospitals Delhi

Jhanvi Saikia India

Real Story Of A Tumor Patient from Assam at Apollo Hospitals Delhi.
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