International Patients

Apollo Hospitals: World class healthcare delivered with experience, expertise and empathy.

  • At Apollo we build our world around you
  • Warm, caring and focussed on your convenience at every level
  • 32 years of earning the trust of 45 million patients. At Apollo Hospitals touching and enriching lives is the cornerstone of theGroup’s philosophy.

Tender Loving Care (TLC) is our way of doing it. It combines the best of traditional Indian hospitality and scientific patient management. Its objective is simple and clear - ensure the best patient experience possible. The 65,000 members of the Apollo family go the extra mile to make the TLC movement come alive for you. Doctors, nurses and other members all come together and weave the magic that transforms Apollo into a place which is warm, helpful and more friendly for every patient that walks in.And yearsof experience at Apollo Hospitals has just made that our paradigm – making treatment as comfortable as possible to the patient. And staying up to date on technology only easesthe journey of treatment.

A futuristic design backed by years of experience, at a fraction of international costs marching towards global excellence in patient care.