Treatment and Services

Treatment and Services

Who Will Benefit from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has two methods of Administration with different distinct groups of indications

  • HBOT for Medical indications: 100 % oxygen is given at pressures above 1.4 ATA ( ATA is a measure of pressure and 1 ATA is equal to the barometric pressure at sea level which equals 760 mm Hg). These pressures are used for distinct medical and surgical indications. The equipment used is tested and certified along strict safety guidelines and treatment is given under advice of an expert doctor in this field.
  • HBOT for Wellness: This involves breathing less than 100% oxygen at a pressure of usually 1.5 ATA. The indications are not well defined and this can be administered by a doctor or therapist with knowledge and can also be used by individuals with a little training.

At Apollo Hospital Delhi we treat patients with Hyperbaric Oxygen for medical conditions.

Your doctor may refer you for hyperbaric oxygen therapy for one of the following diagnoses:

1. Decompression sickness

2. Air embolism

3. Carbon monoxide poisoning

4. Hearing loss, sensorineural, sudden

5. Complex wounds, such as a Diabetic foot ulcer, Burns covering > 20% body surface , Crush Injury

6. Necrotising fasciitis

7. Fournier gangrene

8. Osteomyelitis, refractory.

9. Radiation injuries such as Osteoradio Necrosis ,cystitis, enteritis, proctitis, etc.

10. Avascular Necrosis

11. Sudden vision loss, painless

12. Dry gangrene

13. Traumatic brain injury

14. Skin graft or skin flap at risk of tissue death

15. Severe anaemia

16. Brain abscess

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