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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Facilities

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Facilities

Apollo Hospital, Delhi is the only centre in Northern India with multi-speciality support under one roof. We have a Multiplace oxygen chamber for Hyperbaric Oxygen, where we can treat 4-5 patients simultaneously. These patients are accompanied by trained staff to ensure patient comfort and compliance. Patients with Tracheostomy tubes, Catheters, IV Lines can be treated safely.

Our Advanced Wound Care Centre is one of the few centres offering a Thermal camera which is useful in predicting wound healing We also do Transcutaneous oxygen monitoring, which guides us about the healing potential of an area of skin and the need for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The only facility in Northern India offering multi-specialty support under one roof is Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi. We have a multi-patient oxygen room where we can providehyperbaric oxygen therapy to four to five patients at once. To guarantee patient comfort and compliance, these patients are accompanied by professional staff. Safe treatment is possible for patients who have IV lines, catheters, or tracheostomy tubes. Purified oxygen is breathed in a pressured environment during hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Air pressure in ahyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber is two to three times higher than the surrounding air pressure. Lungs can absorb a lot more oxygen in these circumstances than they could compared to inhaling pure oxygen at standard air pressure. Serious, infections air bubbles in blood vessels, and wounds that might not heal due to diabetes or radiation exposure are among conditions that can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The increased oxygen that your blood delivers throughout your body aids in the battle against infection and triggers the release of growth factors and stem cells, which aid in the healing process. Blood’s capacity to carry oxygen rises during hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The brief extra high oxygen levels stimulate normal tissue oxygen levels even after the therapy is finished with regular planned treatments. The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is typically risk-free, but rare complications do occur.

Risks that may exist include:

Temporary myopia (nearsightedness) brought on by transient alterations in the eye’s lens Middle ear damage brought on by changes in air pressure, such as fluid leakage and eardrum rupture Seizures brought on by a central nervous system that is too oxygenated (oxygen toxicity). Lung collapse brought on by variations in air pressure (barotrauma) Due to the oxygen-rich environment of the treatment chamber, fire can occur under certain conditions. Reduced blood sugar levels in those with diabetes receiving insulin treatment We also perform transcutaneous oxygen monitoring, which informs us about the ability of a skin area to heal and whether hyperbaric oxygen therapy is necessary. Our Advanced Wound Care Centre is one of the few facilities that offers a Thermal camera, which is beneficial in predicting wound healing.

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