Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - Facilities

Apollo Hospital Delhi took the lead by establishing the first hyperbaric treatment centre in the private sector in May 2000. This centre is the first Hyperbaric Centre in a private hospital. Our centre gives the institution great recognition and prominence nationally and internationally joining the elite group of modern hospitals with this service.The number of patients has been progressively growing confirming its professional and financial acceptability and viability.

We have a Multiplace chamber where we can have 4-5 patients treated simultaneously. Staff :

  1. Dr. Tarun Sahni:He introduced the concept, designed and operationalised India’s first private Hyperbaric Treatment Center at the Apollo Hospital New Delhi, and currently heads this facility. Has two decades of experience in India and overseas.
  2. Mr. Jai Singh: He is a senior technologist, a trained nurse cum diver from Indian Navy and has more than 25 years of experience behind him.

Key Achievements of Our Centre

  1. More than 1000 number of patients treated.
  2. Numerous publications in national & International journals.
  3. Entry in the Limca Book of records as the first hyperbaric treatment centre.
  4. Provided medical support to compressed air workers who are working on the Delhi Metro projects (2002 & 2009).
  5. Became first Indian hyperbaric centre to be a part of multicentric international trial with Monash University Australia for the HOLLT trial.
  6. Established linkage with KBAT Institute in Singapore to conduct diving medical courses for professional divers in Delhi.