Robot-assisted Cardiac Surgery

Robot-assisted Cardiac Surgery

It is a technique of performing complex cardiac surgeries through extremely small incisions with use of cutting edge technology. The size of cut required is less than a finger breadth which drastically reduces the risk of complications, hospital stay and leads to quicker recovery and return to active life.

At Apollo hospitals, Robot assisted cardiac surgeries including CABG, valve replacement surgeries, surgeries for congenital heart surgeries are routinely done putting the life of our patients on a path to speedy recovery.

The heart team approach

For the cardiac illnesses our group of cardiologists and surgeons will discuss about the ideal choice for you. The treatment choices could run across

  • Angioplasty or stenting (interventional cardiology)
  • Conventional open chest surgical procedure (procedure including cutting chest bone and utilization of heart lung machine)
  • Conventional beating heart surgical procedure (procedure including cutting chest bone and operation without the utilization of heart-lung machine)
  • Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery – MICS (small access to the heart through a 3-4 inch entry point between the ribs)
  • Robot-assisted cardiac surgery (small access to the heart through 8mm entry points between the ribs)
  • Medical management

Robotic assisted cardiac surgery

Robot helps harvesting of best possible conduits (internal mammary arteries) for CABG though very small cuts in the chest. It also helps the surgeon to perform other cardiac surgeries including valve repairs/replacements in a similar manner.

The 3D amplified vision through the robot assists surgeon to perform the surgery with utmost precision and minimal complications.

Advantages of Robotic assisted surgeries:

  • Lower chest wall injury, no bone cutting, low infection rate
  • Insignificant scars
  • Shorter hospital stay (3-4 days versus 7-8 days in open chest cardiac surgery)
  • Quicker return to active work (1-2 weeks versus 8-10 weeks in open chest cardiac surgery)

The Apollo Edge

  • Home to cutting edge technology – Da Vinci Xi Mechanical framework – full time availability of the technical support system
  • Skilled and experienced team of doctors and professionals to perform robotic assist surgeries
  • Ability to tackle all emergencies, complexities and complications in case they arise
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