CrossBoss Catheter

A decade ago, most of the patients with 100% blocked arteries were either managed medically or sent for surgery with long recovery times before they got back to their work. Today all these blocks can be cleared with latest advancements in angioplasty using advanced technologies that can be performed successfully in a few hours. The CrossBoss Catheter is the latest technology introduced in India for the treatment of 100% blocked arteries. This catheter is made of a stainless steel braid and has a rounded tip that can be rotated in any direction. This facilitates the crossing of the 100% block, either through the tough lesions or can travel behind the blocked segment and exit beyond the lesion. At this point the next novel device called StingRay Balloon is used to get back into the actual passage of the blood vessel, using specialized wires.

Highlights of CrossBoss Catheter:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Minimal blood loss
Along with minimal scarring and quicker recovery time, these newly introduced devices will add a new dimension to the treatment of chronic total occlusions (100% blocked arteries). This technology enhances the methods used by Japanese Cardiologists to open these blocked arteries and improves the clinical outcomes. For Cardiologists who are specialists in Chronic Total Occlusion (100% blocked arteries), this device is a great tool to have and will improve outcomes significantly. More such devices are expected in the future to treat such complex problems. This procedure requires a highly skilled intervention cardiologist with expertise along with excellent critical care staff in a tertiary care hospital set up like Apollo hospitals
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