Endocrinology - Services

Services covering diabetic medicine include:

  • Main diabetic follow-up outpatient clinic with two clinics a month devoted to type 1 diabetic patient (or more if needed in selected cases)
  • Every month there is also a pump clinic for type 1 and other diabetic patients on an insulin pump
  • New diabetic patient clinic
  • Specialist diabetic educators clinics for insulin initiation and interim outpatient follow-ups
  • Type 1 educational class (four times a year)
  • Specialist clinic for attending to Gestational Diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy)
  • Specialized foot care clinic for diabetics
  • Referral cases involving diabetes and cancer

The centre also is actively involved in clinical trials for newer treatment of diabetes and its management. It is actively recruiting patients on voluntary basis and after full informed consent for clinical trials based on suitability of the patients.