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Emergency & Trauma Care in Delhi

It is the ‘Golden Hour’ and the ‘Platinum Ten Minutes’ that typify the significance of Emergency Medical Services. It is a well-accepted fact that a patient who receives basic care from trained professionals and is transported to the nearest healthcare facility within 15-20 minutes of an emergency has the greatest chance of survival. Hence, we at Apollo Hospitals leave no stone unturned in providing the best services in the shortest time possible by trained and experienced medical staff. The Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Emergency Room has the reputation for immediate response with our trauma patients being of the highest priority. All laboratory and imaging test results are available without delay leading to quick diagnosis and rapid treatment.
Apollo Hospitals Emergency Department provides a systematic approach to treating trauma patients with our dedication to a 24-hour state of readiness. The scope of services includes everything from critical care transport and definitive surgical care for trauma victims to comprehensive rehabilitation services. There is never a need for a patient to wait for surgeons or specialists in order to receive critical care.
Apollo Hospitals Emergency Department is a medical treatment facility specializing in acute care of patients who present without prior appointment, either by their own means or by ambulance.
Due to the unplanned nature of patient attendance, our department provides initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention.
In case of trauma emergency or complicated injuries, our internal alert protocol starts preparation in advance, as soon as a trauma call is received. All acute care team members and support units are well trained and are activated and ready on site for the quickest response. Additionally, the Hospital meets the highest international standards for medical, safety and quality as demonstrated by the Joint Commission International Accreditation of Hospitals Gold Seal of approval.

Emergency - Air Evacuation

At Apollo Emergency, our foremost priority is to reach a patient in need of medical help ASAP. The treatment given to an Emergency victim in the “Golden Hour” plays a vital role in the final outcome. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals started its Air Ambulance in 1998 and for the last 16 years has been playing this vital role in shifting critically ill patients rapidly and efficiently within the country and outside on Air Ambulance as well as on National and International commercial flights. The air evacuation service extends to big cities as well as small and medium cities, including those in far-flung places. Evacuation operations have been carried out at international locations also. Our team has escorted patients to several European Countries like US, Tanzania, Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh and Oman when families have wanted patients to be safely transported to their parent country. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi has already carried out more than 1000 medical evacuations from different parts of the country. And more than 100 international medical escorts during this span of time.Our air ambulance aircraft it is fitted with modern day equipments such as

  • Ventilator
  • Cardiac monitor
  • Defibrillator
  • Infusion pump
  • Spine board
  • Complete ICU backup
  • Emergency medications
  • Oxygen on board

Emergency - Ambulance Services

  • As the mobile arm of the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals emergency response team, our main role is to respond to Emergency 1066 Calls, getting medical help to patients who have serious or life-threatening injuries or illnesses as quickly as possible. We handle almost 4000 calls per year across Delhi, NCR & Neighbouring States.
  • Every time we receive a 1066 call, our dedicated staffs records the relevant details and use information about the nature of the patient’s illness or injury to ensure they are sent the right medical help.
  • Our Ambulance Services are provided with the "Best Care" possible, with patient comfort and care being our top priority without compromise.
  • Our mini hospitals on wheels are specially chosen to offer superior patient comfort with state of art medical technology & expertise. In addition to providing the best Advanced Life Support (ALS) care, we also have a fleet of Specialized Life Support (SLS) ambulances certified on all levels - Adult, Paediatric, and Neonatal.To staff these vehicles, we have highly qualified Emergency Response Team, who are specially trained in basic life support, acute cardiac life support, advance trauma life support, to attend to any given emergency situation. Critical Care certification teaches our experienced paramedics to utilize advanced equipment such as ventilators, invasive monitoring devices and lines, and other such equipments found in intensive and critical care settings.