Dr Vishal K Singh

Dr Vishal K Singh

Dr Vishal K Singh

MBBS, DNB, Pediatrics NBE


21 years +

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Sarita Vihar, Delhi-mathura Road, New Delhi - 110076

  •   Assistant Professor, department of Pediatrics, Government Medical College Surat  from April 1999 to  July 2001.
  • Fellowship In Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Medicine, Madras   Medical Mission, Institute Of Cardiovascular Diseases, Chennai, August 2003.
  • Consultant Pediatric Critical Care at Apollo Hospital Jubilee hills Hyderabad from September

2003- May-2005.

  • Consultant Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care at Fortis Hospital Mohali from June,2005 to September 2007
  • Senior Consultant Pediatric Critical Care Fortis Escort Heart Institute, New Delhi from October 2007 –November 2014.
  • Associate Director , Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care , Jaypee hospital Noida  from Dec ember  2014-December 2017
  • Additional Director , Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care, Jaypee Hospital Noida from December 2017 till September, 2020.
  • Working as Senior Consultant- Paediatric Cardiac Intensive Care at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Delhi.
  • Pediatric cardiac Society of India
  • Indian Medical Association

Research and Publications

Recent Presentations

Singh VK, Mishra S , Sharma R

Pulmonary hypertension manifesting as syncope with cyanosis –A case report– Poster presentation at WCPCCS 2017 at Barcelona

Singh VK , Marwah A, Sharma R

Feasibility of biventricular repair for double outlet right ventricle (dorv), non committed ventricular septal defect in heterotaxy and non heterotaxy substrates: a case series -Poster presentation at WCPCCS 2017 at Barcelona

Gupta AK, Singh VK, Varma A

N- Terminal pro BNP levels in infant after repair of congenital heart disease and its prognostic significance: Oral Presentation at the World Congress of Pediatric Critical Care Society May 2014

Singh VK, Varma A

Colistin for Carbapenem resistant (XDR) sepsis: A Solution or Impending Disaster: Data presentation at SCCM Congress , San Francisco 2014


1) Singh VK , Gupta Ak , Bali BS , Sharma R :Anticoagulation and Pediatric Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS). A review of current practise and recommendations Anticoagulation and Pediatric ECLS. .Journal of Pediatric Critical Care Jun- Sep 2017: Vol 4;Issue 2: 67-75

2) Singh VK , Ramaswamy A , Varma A , Sharma R : Perioperative management of Total anomalous pulmonary venous return .A review . Journal of Pediatric Critical Care Jun-Sep2014;Vol.1 ,No.3,151-160

3) Gupta AK, Singh VK , Varma A, Sharma R : Perioperative Management of D-Transposition of Great arteries .A review. Journal of Pediatric Critical Care Jun-Sep 2014;Vol 1,No.3, 161-172

4) Singh VK , Varma A , Sharma R. Univentricular heart –Perioperative Management strategy. A review. Journal of Pediatric cardiac critical care Jun-Sep 2014:Vol 1;No.3, 173-185

5). Katewa A, , Marwah A , Singh V K and Sharma R. Palliative Arterial Switch Operation in the Context of Multiple Ventricular Septal Defects, Potentially Biventricular and Univentricular Hearts With Malposed Great Arteries. World Journal for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery July 2012 : Vol.3 ;295-300.

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11) Singh VK, Singh P H ,Parmar IB. ,A study of “lipid profile in the progeny of parents with ischemic heart disease” published as an original article in July 2001 in the Indian Journal of Pediatrics July 2001 Volume 68, Issue 7, page 617-621

Current Areas of Research:

Currently focusing on reducing sepsis related morbidity, streamlining of ECMO in

Further expansion of the N-Terminal pro BNP levels in infants and neonates with complex congenital heart surgery as a prognostic marker of LCOS and prolonged ICU stay

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