Dr Shanti Talwar

Dr Shanti Talwar

Dr Shanti Talwar

MBBS, MS (Surgery), M.Ch (Paed), NNAMS, FAMS (Paed)

Paediatric Surgeon

46 Yrs+

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

  • 15 yrs in Gen.Surgery as faculty
  • 31 yrs.Paed.Surgery as faculty after MCh.
  • Clinical Work-Teaching(both Undergraduates and Post Graduates),Research and Publication- Examinership(both undergraduates and post graduates),Organisation of both National and International Workshops and conferences),Interviewing experience (UPSC and state levels),occupied high positions in MCI,Nams and National board.
  • Life member of IAPS
  • Life member of IAPS (Delhi)
  • Life member of IAP (Delhi)
  • Life member of NNF (National & Delhi)
  • Life member ASI (Delhi)
  • Life member IMA, DMA
  • Life member of DMA (South Delhi)
  • Life member of IAP (Noida)

Awards And Achievements

  • Receipient of Dr. B C Roy National Award (1993)
  • Recepient of fellowship of Academy of Medical Services President of Indian Association of Paed. Surgery (1992)
  • Fellowship of the academy of Medical Sciences(FAMS) India(1993)
  • Shri Ram travel Fellowship by NAMS,India(1990)
  • MNAMs(Paed)by NAMS,India,Colombo plan Fellowship Award(1978)
  • Bharat Nirman”Talented Ladies Award”(2002),
  • Best citizen of India Award(2004)
  • Indiara Gamdhi Woman Achiever Award(2010)
  • Gold Medal for immense contribution to IAPS as Gen,Secretary,Treasuer and President of IAPS(2015).

Research And Publications

  • Thalwars ,1986 ,”Current Concepts in the management of Nephroblantema (Welms Tumous)” in scientific approach to surgury editers Rana & Anand ,1986. Publishesr Mahalaxmi Medicine Publishers , new DELHI. Talwars ,1988,” Uretero-Pediatric  obstruction in children” . In scientific approach to surgery no 2. editors Rama & anand , 1988. Publishers Mahalaxmi Medical Publishers, New delhi.Rana bs ,Talwar s , Anand vj , Sarin S,” Current management of post -urethral Valves “. In scientfic approach to surgery no 2, Editors Rana and Anand ,1988. Publishers mahalaxmi medical publishers, new delhi.
  • Talwar S ,Aggarwal SK ,” Neonatal Intestinal Obstruction” forASI text book of surgery .Editor Ahmad A Hai,patna. Talwar S,Aggarwal SK ,” Respiratory distress surgical causes” in clinical hand book of surgical paediatrics edited by R.Kulsherestha and H.Chellani (Child Book Series) October,1994. Talwar S,Aggarwal SK,” Current management of neonatal intestinal obstruction in surgery “. The journal of continuing education for surgeons,January issue 1996, Publisher Cristabelle Passi Editor Dr. R.K.Gandhi. Talwar S,Aggrawal SK,”Wilms tumour a review in “Surgery “(The journal of CME),Editor DR.R K Gandhi, Publisher Cristabelle Passi.
  • Talwar S, management of Neonatal surgical emergencies in the 2nd edition ooooooooooooof” Neonatology – Principal and Practies “. Editors DK guha,1997. Aggrawal S,Talwar S and Reys M,”Chylous Mesenteric Cyst”. Ind . Peadiatric 9:51,1972.Talwar S,Aggarwal S and Reys M,” Leiomyoma of ileum “. Ind 35:599,1973. Mukerjee S .
  • Talwar S and  Aggrawal S,” Duodenal obstruction “. Ind J.Paed . 40:403, 1973. Mukerjee S,Talwar S  and Maheshwari HB,” Thymoma”J.of ind. med. Assoc. 63:229,1974. Mukerjee S,Talwar S, Dikshit , Chakraborty ,” Management of peneterating injuries of abdomen (review of 400 cases). The  Ind. Pract. 28:93, 1975.
  • Talwar S ,Rana BS ,Maheswari HB , mukerjee S ,”Carcinoma Male Breast “. Surg J.Delhi 10:17, 1975. Rana BS ,Talwar S,Gaba U ,” Post – traumatic pancreatic pseudocyst “. Ind .J.Surg .43:255, 1981.Rana BS, Talwar S, Maheswari HB and Gaba U,” Torsion of extra – Iuminal gastric Leiomyoma”. Ind . J . Surg. 43:47, 1982. Yadav K,Patel RV ,Talwar S, Singh J and Yadav RVS ,” Experimental Study on splenic preservation and its clinical results” . Surgical J. of North India ,2:236,1986. Yadav K, patel RV , Talwar S,” The prune Belly Syndrome with multiple congental anomalities “. Surg .J.Surg.50(8):271,1988. Talwar S,” Soft tissue sarcomas in children our experience “, Annals of INMAS Academy of Med. Specialities ,2(1):22,1988. Talwar S,” Splenic injuries in children “. Proceedings of national Workshop on paediatric trauma and Accidents . 1:40,1988. Talwar S,Kapoor R,” Aphalia “. Indian Paediatrics.25:579,1988.Talwar S , Kapoor R ,” Giant Hydronephrosis in children “. Indian paediatric 25:790,1988. Narain H , Talwar S, Kapoor R, Rana BS ,” Role of ultrasound in evaluation of blunt abdominal trauma in children “. Indian paediatrics 26:539,1989. Talwar S,” Ureteropelvic juncton obstruction in children “. Paed. Surgery update course book pages 7-09, june , 1990. 
  • Kapoor R, Saha MM. Talwar S,” Spontaneous faecal fistula in a case of inguinal hernia in a child “. Indian Paediatrics , 28:193,1991. Kapoor R, Saha MM,Talwar S,” Ultrasonic evaluation of intra-abdominal absceses ” IndianPaediatric 28:757,1991. Kapoor R, Saha M, Talwar S,”Sonographic appearances of Lymphangicmas . Indian paediatric 31:1447-1450. Pawa S, Chaudhary V, Aggarwal SK, Talwar S- Dupication anomolies of Mullerian ducts with  cloacal abnormality . Indian journal radio imaging vol. 5 No. 2 pages 61-65, may 1995.Talwar S, Paediatric surgical emergiences in Indian Medical Trebune Page 10 issue october 30,1995.Talwar S, Recent advaues in management of  Wilms ‘ tumous in proceedings of national CME programme of Paediatrics surgery , Page 10 issue october 30,1995.
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