Demo session with 3rd standard students - Art in Education

Underprivileged children get a creative way to learn - Art in Education
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals is supporting the Arts in Education Programme to improve learning outcomes among underprivileged children in two Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) schools through creative art techniques.  These children are from homes with usually illiterate or semi-literate parents and need all the support they can get to improve their retention of subjects and leanr life skills like empathy and conflict resolution 
Award-winnning NGO Nalandaway Foundation is executing this programme for over 1000 primary school children in in the two schools of Gautampuri and Molarband. 
After teachers were trained in the girls school shift of Gautampuri using artistic techniques to improve retention of curricular subjects, a Demo session was held that was held in Gautampuri MCD school as a hands-on session for 3rd standard students and teachers in August 2017. 
Since children are unfamiliar with the session design and process, first sessions are full of excitement and curiosity as it is different from their usual classroom sessions. Around 60 children did activities on paper maiche, and by painting and cutting out shapes, they learnt about animals and their forms and names, names of different shapes, various weather conditions and seasons and importance of protecting the environment and forests. As the session progressed, students became more engrossed in the fun-filled activity and absorbed all the concepts. The children had a great time and were able to successfully complete the planned activity.