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City pauses for life-saving organ
Thursday, April 25, 2019

Lucknow: Critically ill for several years, three patients on Thursday received a new lease of life when they had almost given up hope. The reason was the family of 28-year old brain-dead patient Surendra, whose kin decided to donate his liver, kidneys and corneas for transplantation.

A resident of Gorakhpur and a victim of a road accident, Surendra's liver gave life to a 61-year-old at Delhi's Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.

Surendra's kidneys were transplanted to patients on dialysis for many years at SGPGI. His corneas have been secured at KGMU eye bank for future use.

Surendra was brought brain-dead to KGMU's trauma centre on Wednesday. His family was counselled and they agreed to save lives of others with Surendra's organs. In a procedure that lasted for three hours on Thursday morning, the team of Dr Vivek Gupta, Dr Parvez, Dr Manmeet Singh, Dr Saket Kumar, Dr Pradeep Joshi and Dr Vishal Gupta, lead by Prof Abhijit Chandra of the gastro-surgery department, retrieved Surendra's liver, kidneys and cornea.

"As per our general procedure, we counselled Surendra's family and then left it on them to decide. The family owns a small shop in Gorakhpur. They are not highly educated but still they agreed to organ donation, which is a very big thing. The agreement was reached late at night, so we made preparations for an early morning operation and transported the liver to Delhi then," said Prof Chandra.

KGMU vice chancellor Prof Ravi Kant said, "One brain-dead patient can save seven to eight lives. There can be no greater work than giving people life even after one is gone."

The liver was transported to the airport via a green corridor in the city. The recipient of the liver was 61-year old Agra resident Lalit Khanna, who had been suffering from liver cirrhosis since 2013.

According to officials at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, the patient had been on the waiting list for a liver for 45 days.