Radiation Oncology

The Radiation Oncology Department at the Apollo Cancer Institute is equipped with state of the art equipment manned by expert Radiation Oncologists, Medical Physicists and Radiation Technologists. The sophisticated equipment we use for delivering the best in Cancer Care are as follows:NovalisTx with Exact Trac: A Special linear accelerator designed for high precision treatments such as Frameless Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy, this linear accelerator is equipped with a Beam Shaper, on board Imager, Exactrac In Room X-ray and a 6D robotic couch. The Beam Shaper is a fine multileaf collimator that shapes the radiation beam to match the shape of the tumor, thus protecting the adjacent collimator that shapes the radiation beam to match the shape of the tumor, thus protecting the adjacent normal tissues form the ill effects of radiation. Treament accuracy is ensured using the On Board Imager to conduct a cone beam CT or x-rays of the patient, while on the treatment couch, to direct the radiation beam accurately. The 6D robotic couch addresses shifts in position, linear as well as rotational such as pitch, roll and yaw. The Exactrac in room x-rays with automated matching are a special feature of NovalisTx. Clinac ix Silhouette, HDR brachytherapy from Bebig, Eclipse and iPlan treatment planning computers, AIO Patient Immobilization System and the Radio-Frequency Ablation (RFA) complete the spectrum of technology required for precision radiotherapy. RADIXACT-X9
Backed by the experience and expertise of its Radiation Oncologists and technical teams, Indraprastha Apollo brings to you the revolutionary RADIXACT-X9 that combines imaging and treatment delivery to precisely target a wide variety of cancers THE UNRIVALLED CAPABILITIES OF RADIXACT-X9
  • Unprecedented accuracy resulting in increased dosage and minimal exposure to healthy tissues
  • The new PreciseRTX™ Retreatment option is designed to make re-treatment process more efficient and effective
  • Adaptive radiotherapy to monitor and modify treatment plans based on body changes / tumour shrinkage
  • Integrated system for comprehensive cancer treatment
  • Multiple areas of tumour targeted simultaneously
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