Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric Medicine required for the conditions that many illnesses and injuries occur, and often linger, at the cellular or tissue level due to a lack of oxygen. Conditions such as non-healing wounds, radiation situation damage and traumatic brain injuries require adequate oxygen to reach the damaged area and support the body’s natural healing ability so that it can function properly. “Hyperbaric Medicine” enhances the healing and improves the quality of life of the patient in many well-defined areas. It is evidence based and complimentary to standard medicine.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen centre at the apollo hospital is the first centre in the private sector in India offering treatment to patients since 2000. Thousands of patients have benefitted through this treatment given along International protocols supervised by a trained and experienced team.The equipment is maintained along the strictest of safety standards.

The facility is “ Multiplace” wherein a max of 6 patients can be treated at once ,even critically ill patients can be managed at this centre. Safe treatment is possible for patients who have IV lines, catheters, or tracheostomy tubes.

All patients are accompanied by a trained nurse and treatment monitored throughout by experienced technician and doctor.

The benefit of treatment is due to the 100% pure oxygen in a pressured environment during hyperbaric oxygen therapy. With increased pressure to two to three times the normal atmosphere pressure , additional oxygen dissolves in the plasma and reaches areas of the body to promote healing.

The increased oxygen that your blood delivers throughout your body aids in the battle against infection and triggers the release of growth factors and stem cells, which aid in the healing process. The brief extra high oxygen levels stimulate normal tissue healing oxygen levels even after the therapy is finished . The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is typically risk-free in centres with strict patient assessment prior to treatment.Ear pain is the commonest side effect , diabetics are monitored since blood sugar can drop during treatment.Lung burst or pulmonary barotrauma is extremely rare

Amputations are prevented , hearing loss reversed , radiation injuries healed , morbidity with neurological illness reduced in patients treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen. Universally accepted and evidence based indications are treated here.Research and off label conditions are treated under a special consent in occasional case.

The Hyperbaric centre is integrated with a “Synergistic Wound Healing centre” Patients with chronic wounds are with transcutaneous oxygen monitoring, which informs us about the ability of a skin area to heal and whether hyperbaric oxygen therapy is necessary. The Wound centres is one of the few facilities that has a Thermal camera, which is beneficial in monitoring progress in wound healing.

The centre also provides support to compressed air operations at metro sites and manages diving illnesses in recreational and professional divers.

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