Apollo Health Check Guidelines

Please read the following instructions carefully before your health check

  • Kindly take prior appointment. Apollo Health Check begins at 8.00 am.
  • Appointments for packages that require you to be on empty stomach are given only up to 10.30 am, as fasting blood investigations done later in the day do not give an accurate outcome.
  • Please come on an empty stomach, i.e you need to be fasting overnight; however, you are advised to have 2-3 glasses of plain water before coming for your health check, to facilitate an ultrasound on full bladder.
  • Kindly bring your morning samples of urine and stool, if part of your package, in clean dry containers. (Containers can be collected a day in advance from the Apollo Health Check Department or from any nearby chemist).
  • In case you are on any medication, please bring them with you and take them after your breakfast as you go through your health check. If you experience any discomfort, we shall have you meet our physician immediately.
  • If you are diabetic, do not take insulin in the morning; the same can be taken along with breakfast, after fasting blood sample and ultrasound have been done.
  • If you are a smoker, please do not smoke on the day of your health check.
  • Ladies are advised NOT to undergo their health check during menstrual cycle.
  • Ladies undergoing Whole Body Check, Breast Check, Cancer Check and Well Woman Check, are advised NOT to use deodorants, perfumes or talcum powders on the day of health check.
  • For Breast Check , ladies need not be on empty stomach; urine and stool samples are NOT REQUIRED.
  • For Child Health Check, children need not be on empty stomach. Sample of stool and urine are to be brought in dry, clean containers.
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothes and footwear, as you may need to change into a hospital gown during some of the investigations.
  • If desired, you may bring one attendant along; the attendant shall not be a child below 12 years of age.
  • Please report at the Apollo Health Check (AHC) Centre at Gate No. 2, First Floor “A” Wing at the appointed time.
  • If you are diabetic, or have high blood pressure, or are pregnant, or have any other clinical condition, please inform the AHC reception staff at the time of registration.
  • If you are diabetic, you SHALL NOT accept the glucose drink that is given to non-diabetics after the first blood sample is taken.
  • If pregnant or suspecting pregnancy, you SHALL NOT undergo X-ray, mammography or bone densitometry.
  • On Day One, you will undergo all investigations and consultation with the physician; your review with the physician along with all reports and summary will be fixed for Day Two, except for Whole Body Check packages, where your review appointment will be fixed for Day Three.