• Osteoporosis Softening or Weakness Of Bones Osteoporosis Softening or Weakness Of Bones
  • Falls and Syncope Dizziness Falls and Syncope Dizziness
  • Memory Loss, Confusion Dementia, Delirium Memory Loss, Confusion Dementia, Delirium
  • Depression, Low Mood Depression, Low Mood
  • Diet Counselling Diet Counselling
  • Vaccinations to Prevent Infections Vaccinations to Prevent Infections
  • Physiotherapy Physiotherapy
  • Balance Balance Problems – Unsteadiness, Fear Of Falling
  • Non-Specific Weakness, Tiredness Non-Specific Weakness, Tiredness
  • General Medical Problems in Elderly General Medical Problems in Elderly
  • Revitalizing the Elderly Revitalizing the Elderly


The highly trained multi-disciplinary team at Apollo Elder Care recommends a comprehensive treatment plan and also monitors its implementation – ensuring that the health and social care services are aligned to achieve the best outcomes. The team also coordinates with all the relevant medical caregivers, making the treatment convenient and safe.
    • Out Patient Care
    • In Patient Care
    • Emergency Care
    • Home Healthcare (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Ambulance Service)

Apollo Elder Care Value Adds

      • Comprehensive physical, cognitive and psychosocial assessment
      • Developing a personal care plan
      • Recommendations to improve health and functional ability
      • Aiding post-operative or post illness recovery (Rehabilitation)
      • Safe use of medicines
      • Co-ordinating care and medications management
      • Healthy ageing
      • Home and Emergency care

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Apollo Elder Care is a specialised geriatric care initiative where proficient geriatricians and allied medical professionals provide comprehensive geriatric assessment including:
    • Current symptoms and illnesses and their functional impact
    • Current medications for appropriateness efficiency and cost effectiveness
    • Relevant past illnesses
    • Recent and impending life changes
    • Objective measure of overall personal and social functionality
    • Current and future living environment and its appropriateness to function and prognosis
    • Family situation and availability
    • Current caregiver network, including its deficiencies and potential
    • Objective measurement of cognitive status
    • Objective assessment of mobility and balance
    • Rehabilitative status and prognosis if ill or disabled
    • Current emotional health and substance abuse
    • Nutritional status and needs
    • Disease risk factors and healthy preventative activities
    • Assistance in obtaining local and regional services if needed
    • Driving restriction if needed
    • Future life planning, including but not limited to advance directives
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