Age Healthy

Taking responsibility for your own health

Take steps to educate yourself about health issues and follow the advice of health professionals as best as you can. Do not postpone or ignore your body’s warning signs. Find a person who you can relate to and discuss health issues.

Physical activity

Keep moving, like going on short walks. Sitting idle increases stiffness in your muscles and contributes to the aches and pains. A person going for regular walks becomes confident and this in turn improves social activity. Both these factors in conjunction contribute to wellness as you grow old.

Balanced diet and Hydration

Very little importance is given to hydration. This is very crucial when you are living in warm and humid conditions. On an average you must drink 2 liters of water a day and more on warmer days. A balanced diet with good portion of fruits and green vegetables also improves well-being and life expectancy.

Destress & Sleep

Emotional problems can damage physical health and affect sleep. Lack of sleep can also in turn worsen emotional well-being. Finally this weakens your immune system and affects mental function. A good sleeping pattern can help prevent all these problems.

Vitalize your brain

Continuing to learn new tasks energizes your brain and indirectly your health. Your brain needs to be stimulated constantly over the years or you are likely to lose its capacity. And this in turn can contribute to poor memory and concentration.


Having fun and laughter is extremely important in keeping healthy. And that is why you must not isolate yourself from the social circle as you grow old. Your families play a vital role here and must actively encourage you to continuously participate in social activities.
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