Apollo Elder Care

Apollo Elder Care

Health issues facing the elderly can be very complex and puzzling. The elderly often suffer from more than one medical problem and have conditions that can be obscured by unusual symptoms. Apollo Elder Care is dedicated to the well-being and health of elderly people. It follows a holistic approach that employs the best ways to maintain or improve functional ability, physical health, cognition and mental health. And along with conventional medical evaluations, it also considers non-medical aspects that impact functional capacity and quality of life of elderly people.

Why Apollo Elder Care ?

As one ages, healthcare needs increase and become more complex. With several factors in play, an illness stops being a bodily phenomenon alone and impacts the oveall quality of life. At Apollo Elder Care, we understand not just the illness , but the complete needs of the person and recommend the best suited treatment approach recommended by super-specialists. Physical : Your body reacts to your medicinal intake more slowly. Psychological : A mental reassurance becomes equally necessary as a bodily one. Medicinal : The type and quantity of your medicines become increasingly complicated. Financial : Your health becomes disproportionately dependent on your wallet.
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